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Finding love, joy, hope and peace through our online worships - come and join us!

Finding love, joy, hope and peace through our online worships - come and join us! (0)

Whilst our church buildings are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic our faith community is very much open and sharing ministry in many amazing and innovative ways. The following online ministry is happening each week for people of all ages with online communion, quizzes, coffee and chats, youth groups, young adult groups, congregation and existing online worships. We are using the Zoom platform for our online activities. Please email the contact person for details on how to join, all are welcome:  

 Saturday 13th June

14th June 8.00 pm Younity in Community: young adult ministryall are welcome: contact

Sunday 14th June 

10.45 am Leicester and Nuneaton Worship: ministry on welcoming the stranger, led by Sally Leitch - contact Wayne  or contact Janette at

11.00 am Clay Cross and Sutton: will be meeting for Coffee & Chats: contact Cheryl at or 

11.00 am Denton Messy Church: contact Carol at 

11.30 am South Wales Worship: ministry on welcoming the stranger, led by Collin & Ann Waring: contact Ken at 

5.00 pm Stockport Youth Group: contact Paul at

7.00 pm Community Circle - Ministry for seekers and disciples: contact Rand or Gail at 

7.00 pm Community Connections Worship: Sally Leitch will lead this worship based on welcoming the stranger: contact Andrew at 

Monday 15th June

8.00 pm Nuneaton and Leicester Youth and Young Adults: contact

Wednesday 21st June

3.00 pm Family Worship:  come and join in singing, dancing, activities and bringing the scriptures alive: contact for more information

Dates for your diaries:

27th and 28th June - Youth Rally 2020 online for school years 2 - 13 with activities, worships, campfires and get-togethers: contact for more information

8th July 7.00 pm A conversation with Richard Wrangham (Professor of Biological Anthropology, Harvard University) In a world of human kindness why so much violence? contact please register for this webinar, places are limited

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Monday, 25 June 2018 10:41


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Podcasts can be produced by just about anyone wanting to share and communicate with the world

Using digital media, listeners can engage via websites to leave comments about a Podcast they have listened to, ask questions and enter into discussions.  Podcasts bring together communities of like-minded people from all over the world with a shared common interest.


Community of Christ Sings

Leading Congregations in Mission

Faith Stories

Spiritual Practices

Worship around the World

 If you have any favourite Podcasts that others would like to hear, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Wednesday, 20 June 2018 14:29

Key Resources

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Initial Resources for Seekers/Investigators Exploring Community of Christ 

You will know that Community of Christ had a brief shared history with the Latter-Day Seeker community between 1830 to 1844.  From that time the two churches have been separate communities travelling their own, unique faith journey.

Today, Community of Christ welcomes all people, regardless of gender, sexuality, colour, race or creed.  Here we celebrate the worth of all people and embrace the rich diversity of life which creates communities of love, hope, joy and peace. A community that has ordained women to the priesthood for over 30 years, has full equality for LGBT members and friends and celebrates marriage for those that love God and each other regardless of their sexuality. You are invited to explore the material below produced by Community of Christ specifically for seekers/investigators. 


The following differences in our faith terminology may be of help as you explore our community:  

 LDS terminology  

 Community of Christ equivalent terminology




Congregation or house church


Mission Centre (one for the whole of the UK)



Branch President


Mission Service

World Service Corps (voluntary 3 or 12 month programme)

General Conference

World Conference (held every 3 years)

EFY (Especially for Youth)

International Youth Forum 

Stake Conference

Mission Centre Conference (held twice a year, usually in Birmingham)

On the Web:

To Read:

  • Book of Mormon Girl, by Joanna Brooks
  • Mormonism: A Very Short Introduction, by Richard Lyman Bushman
  • The Book of Mormon’s Witness to Its First Readers by Dale Luffman
  • Continuing Your Discipleship in Community of Christ: An Introduction for Latter-day Seekers*
  • Conceiving God: A Guide for Latter-day Seekers on Community of Christ Theology*

*Available at

To Listen or Watch:

Stephen Veazey

John Hamer


Sunstone UK

To Experience: 

  • A welcome at Community of Christ congregations, groups and events. Come and find out more, find friendship, share your story, find answers and find a home.


  • Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to speak to a minister, for more resources, to ask questions or to link up

To Order:

Herald Publishing House is the publishing division of Community of Christ in Independence, Missouri. Its history dates back to 1860.

You can order in two ways:

Online through Herald House 

You can also order through our local book steward Janice Fox This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via our Mission Centre Office 01246 768831


Thursday, 12 April 2018 13:35

Privacy Policy

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Under Data Protection legislation the Charity Trustees of Community of Christ – British Isles Mission Centre is the Data Controller.  

If you complete our ‘Contact Us’ form on this website we will only retain your name and details for as long as is necessary for us to deal with your enquiry.  We will NOT pass on your details to anyone other than the person (or people) in our church who are best able to deal with your enquiry.

If you are concerned about the way your information is being handled please speak to our Data Protection Trustee & Financial Officer Andrew Fox who can be contacted by ringing our Mission Centre Officer 01246 768831 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

If you are not able to find the answer to your question or you are not satisfied with the response you also have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office by contacting their helpline on 0303 123 1113

Tuesday, 03 April 2018 15:24

Rise Magazine

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Our RISE magazine shares peoples stories and testimonies of how God is working in their lives and in the lives of people around them. There are also snippets of good news, fun and laughter and often a challenge.

Rise - Autumn 2021

Leanne Grooms & Rachelle Kent are our editor's of Rise. If you would like to contact them or contribute to the next edition please email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Tuesday, 03 April 2018 15:17


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Peacemobile is an exciting way for children to develop peace-making skills and awareness through play. 

 The wide range of interactive exhibits focus on the themes of:

  •  Peace for Me – helping children discover the wonder and beauty within themselves by increasing self-esteem, self-awareness, and self-confidence
  •  Peace for Us - helping children explore and practice cooperation, communication, conflict resolution and respect for others in their daily relationships 
  •  Peace for Everybody - helping children to examine the possibilities of others and celebrate the cultural diversity of the human race
  •  Peace for the Planet - helping children to address the need for care and appreciation of our earth

For more information contact Maria on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Tuesday, 03 April 2018 15:16

Explore & Discover

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Personal Study, Reflections, Spiritual Practices, Worship Helps 

Prayer for Peace - A daily service held in the Temple, Independence USA where the church reflects on and prays for the needs of a specific country

Daily Bread - A diverse expression of voices and stories from around the world upholding the identity, message, mission and beliefs of Community of Christ 

Sharing in Community of Christ - A great introduction to the history and ministry of Community of Christ 

Spiritual Formation - Resources for individual and shared discernment and practice

Mission Stories - Stories for personal and group inspiration about how the Spirit is moving today along with a link to current Community of Christ announcements - A dedicated website providing individuals and leaders space to explore and tools to become invitational Christ-centred communities of justice and peace through Leading Congregations in Mission (LCM)

Reliable Sources for Scripture Study - A more in-depth link to recommendations from Community of Christ for personal, congregational, group or online discernment.  The resource offers a good overall alignment with the church's theology and its approach to scripture 

Church History Principles - Article written by President Steve Veazey bringing together insights from past and present World Church leaders, church historians, theologians and others 

Practices of Discipleship - Helping to develop disciples to serve in an age-related document 

You can order resources and books from Herald House in two ways: 

Direct from Herald Publishing House 

You can also order through our local book steward Janice Fox This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via our Mission Centre Office 01246 768831










Tuesday, 03 April 2018 15:06

Experience Congregations in Mission

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We are called to become congregations woven together by the Spirit and sent into the world as witnesses for Christ's love and compassion. In our Jesus & God centred worship, relationships with the Divine and with each other are formed and deepened. We explore and experience worship through varied styles of music, drama, preaching, prayer, and meditation.

Through our hymnal Community of Christ Sings, we sing our faith, and our faith is formed by them. They are the heart-songs that boldly express what we believe and challenge us to grow by announcing new ways of understanding and responding to the Divine. Our hymnal reflects our theology and our desire to grow communities of love, joy, hope and peace. 

For further information and/or to find ways that we can work together to achieve this mission initiative or to chat to one of our ministers about anything that is on your mind, you will find a safe and sacred space to connect on 01246 768831 or by email on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Tuesday, 03 April 2018 15:06

Develop Disciples to Serve

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We are called to be true and living expressions of the life, ministry, and continuing presence of Christ in the world.  To discover God’s purpose for our own  life through spiritual practices, worship resources, and Community of Christ learning opportunities for young children, children, youth, young adults, adults, and multigenerational groups.

Our ministry as disciples is humble service offered to communities, congregations, and the world as we follow Jesus, the peaceful one. Creating relationships that inclusively share Christ’s peace and boundless love.  Each day disciples choose to accept God’s grace, ground themselves in God’s love for them and all people, and generously share Christ’s peace with everyone they meet.

Priesthood in Community of Christ is a sacred covenant with God and the church. Priesthood members are ministers of all genders and/or sexual orientation reflecting that all are called in Community of Christ and are dedicated to creating sacred communities that prepare, equip, and send disciples in Christ’s mission. Our priesthood are called by God for specific ministries and servant-leadership roles. Each role or office represents a different part of Jesus’ ministry.

For further information and/or to find ways that we can work together to achieve this mission initiative or to chat to one of our ministers about anything that is on your mind, you will find a safe and sacred space to connect on 01246 768831 or by email on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018 15:35

Children, Youth & Young Adults

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Children, Youth and Young Adults are valued and are an integral group within Community of Christ. Ministry is available at both a local congregational level and at a wider Mission Centre level, to invite young people to get to know Christ, to develop their own individual relationship with God and to help them grow both personally and spiritually

Children, Youth & Young Adult Ministry & Mission Centre Activities 

Community of Christ has a well-established camp programme which has been running for over 50 years. Each year a range of camps is available for children and youth. At these camps, young people have the opportunity to share with others from around the British Isles and our wider church community from around the world in a mixed range of activities including games, discussions and worship. Our children’s and youth ministry programme also seeks to help young people develop holistically, to share and develop their gifts, grow in life skills, develop a positive self-worth and belief, and to find a place to belong within their community.

Our children, youth and young adult ministries programme offers:

  • Explorers Camp staying at Dunfield House (For children in education Key Stage 2)
  • Adventurers Camp staying at Dunfield House (for young people in education Key Stage 3 and Year 10)
  • Youth Rally staying at Dunfield House (for young people in education Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 5)
  • Primitive Camp under canvas at Dunfield House (for young people in education Key Stage 4 and 5) - runs on alternate years to Eurotribe & International Youth Forum
  • Eurotribe - alternates at venues across Europe - an opportunity to join with youth from different countries, takes place every 4 years
  • International Youth Forum & Spectacular - for youth to gather together from all over the world, takes place in the US every four years
  • Young adult-focused ministries staying at Dunfield House and other venues (ages 18 – 29 years old)
  • Mission Centre Young Adult-focused ministries
  • Mission Centre young adult events
  • Children, youth and young adults are encouraged to attend Mission Centre Conferences and take an active part in leading worship, discussions and dealing with the business of the church

All the children and youth ministry activities within Community of Christ are planned, organised and run by our own registered youth workers.  All our youth workers are required to complete prerequisite training, hold a current DBS and have up-to-date safeguarding training and certificates. The majority of our camps take place at Dunfield House, a large house owned by Community of Christ which has been running youth camps there since 1965. Dunfield House is in a beautiful corner of Herefordshire close to the Welsh border two miles West of Kington Herefordshire. Situated in 15 acres of terraced lawns, grassed play areas, woodlands and streams, it's a great place for fun, exploring and adventure. The campsites, peace garden, labyrinth, outdoor meeting space, games room and indoor heated pool all help to create an environment of how good the world can be for our young people. This creates a safe space where children and youth are empowered to explore their own personal spirituality and prayer life and develop their understanding and faith in God. Dunfield can accommodate 95 people, 73 in the house and 22 in the Stables and provides an excellent facility for children to have a rich experience in a safe and fun environment. Check out for more information.

Kath Mahaffey is our minister with a special focus on Youth ministry. 

So, what is it like to be a Young Adult in Community of Christ?  

Young Adult ministry is for young people aged between 18 and 29. There is an open invitation to all young adults to become involved in both formal and informal ministry to share together in fellowship with the Spirit. Young Adult ministry provides an opportunity for young people to be with each other to develop their faith and their desire to deepen their relationship with God, with each other and with Community of Christ.

Our Vision for Young Adult Ministries in the British Isles is to provide

  •  A safe environment and community where individuals can continue to be nurtured, grow, strengthen and deepen their faith as part of community.
  • A safe place to try new ideas, explore questions and different views, share testimonies and find encouragement to fully embrace their faith.
  • A safe place to live out their calling, whatever and however they feel called to live out their faith in relationship with God.
  • Opportunities and events where Young Adults can gather and help fuel each other's faith. To replenish through receiving to enable them to be able to leave and continue to live their lives feeling fully alive and awake to the spirit.
  • Opportunities to feel in touch with God.
  • A place to help grow and develop disciples to serve; where they can develop skills in sharing their story, planning worships and their understanding of scripture. To feel strong, supported and empowered to live out their faith.
  • A place to have fun being with each other and to share with other young adults with similar values. 
  • A place to discuss and share how their lives are shaped as they explore and embark on the adventure of what it truly means to be a disciple.
  • A place to feel empowered supported and encouraged to live out their faith and discipleship however they feel called, whether within a congregation or within the communities where they live.
  • A sense of connectedness to God, each other and the church however many miles apart they may be.
  • A place to feel and find a strong sense of connection, peace, acceptance, love and fulfilment. A spiritual home to belong to and call home.

Jake Goodier and Leanne Grooms are   our ministers with a specific focus on our Young Adult ministries for young people aged between 18 - 29. 



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