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Letter to the Church 


17th January 2024 


In March 2023, President Stephen M. Veazey invited members and friends into an intentional process to discern the next prophet-president of Community of Christ.  In August, President Veazey experienced a health issue that necessitated a medical leave of absence.  The remaining members of the First Presidency believed the ongoing discernment process should proceed in accordance with the President Veazey's original plan. 

After reviewing succession guidance, scripture, and policies, the First Presidency asked the Council of Twelve Apostles to accept the sacred responsibility of calling the new prophet- president. 

The Church extends its deep gratitude to the apostles for their willingness to assume leadership in the unfolding development.  Their stewardship of the sacred responsibility has been faithfully fulfilled on behalf of the church.  To read the letter from the Council of Twelve regarding the calling and to find out more, click on the link below:



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