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Initial Resources for Seekers/Investigators Exploring Community of Christ 

You will know that Community of Christ had a brief shared history with the Latter-Day Seeker community between 1830 to 1844.  From that time the two churches have been separate communities travelling their own, unique faith journey.

Today, Community of Christ welcomes all people, regardless of gender, sexuality, colour, race or creed.  Here we celebrate the worth of all people and embrace the rich diversity of life which creates communities of love, hope, joy and peace. A community that has ordained women to the priesthood for over 30 years, has full equality for LGBT members and friends and celebrates marriage for those that love God and each other regardless of their sexuality. You are invited to explore the material below produced by Community of Christ specifically for seekers/investigators. 


The following differences in our faith terminology may be of help as you explore our community:  

 LDS terminology  

 Community of Christ equivalent terminology




Congregation or house church


Mission Centre (one for the whole of the UK)



Branch President


Mission Service

World Service Corps (voluntary 3 or 12 month programme)

General Conference

World Conference (held every 3 years)

EFY (Especially for Youth)

International Youth Forum 

Stake Conference

Mission Centre Conference (held twice a year, usually in Birmingham)

On the Web:

To Read:

  • Book of Mormon Girl, by Joanna Brooks
  • Mormonism: A Very Short Introduction, by Richard Lyman Bushman
  • The Book of Mormon’s Witness to Its First Readers by Dale Luffman
  • Continuing Your Discipleship in Community of Christ: An Introduction for Latter-day Seekers*
  • Conceiving God: A Guide for Latter-day Seekers on Community of Christ Theology*

*Available at

To Listen or Watch:

Stephen Veazey

John Hamer


Sunstone UK

To Experience: 

  • A welcome at Community of Christ congregations, groups and events. Come and find out more, find friendship, share your story, find answers and find a home.


  • Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to speak to a minister, for more resources, to ask questions or to link up

To Order:

Herald Publishing House is the publishing division of Community of Christ in Independence, Missouri. Its history dates back to 1860.

You can order in two ways:

Online through Herald House 

You can also order through our local book steward Janice Fox This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via our Mission Centre Office 01246 768831



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