Christ's mission, our mission


Experience Congregations in Mission

 We are poised to become congregations that are the true and living expressions of Jesus Christ, woven together by the Spirit, and sent into the world as evangelistic witnesses, compassionate ministers, and justice and peacemakers.

 We fulfil God’s ultimate vision as we…

  • Nurture Congregations of Christ’s Love and Peace
  • Experience God’s Presence through Worship
  • Become a People of Peace, Reconciliation and Healing of the Spirit

The Experience Congregations in Mission team focus is on four areas of support at a Congregational level: Congregational Support for Pastors & Leadership Teams, Worship & Spiritual Practices, Children’s Ministry and Youth Ministry. Sally Norton is the Congregational Support Minister for the British Isles and works with pastors and leadership teams on a regular basis offering support and ministry around the Mission Centre. Her role also includes working with the Congregation Advocates and developing worship and spiritual practices for congregations, groups and Mission Centre activities. 

In the Experience Congregations in Mission team, Alison Baines is our lead minister for Children's Ministry in congregations and Karen Norton is our lead minister for Youth Ministry in congregations. Alison and Karen will be working with children and youth ministers to provide support and develop new expressions of ministry. Currently, the children and youth ministries available at a congregational level include:
  • Children & Youth Groups
  • Sunday School
  • Messy Church
  • Holiday Clubs
  • Family Worships

Contact Sally Leitch (lead minister) for more information on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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